My Current Home Automation Setup (Updated)

If you are looking to get into Home Automation, you should definitely check out Home Assistant. I originally started with Smartthings as my main hub and then installed Home Assistant on an old Dell Optiplex I had laying around running Ubuntu. And I haven’t looked back. I eventually wanted something... [Read More]
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My Home Automation Journey

If you are just starting to check out the Home Automation scene you probably have found there is not a standard. Not only that it is an ever-increasing glut of choices. Do you go with Z-Wave, Zigbee, or Wifi. Do you go with a cloud dependent solution or do you... [Read More]
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What Am I Doing Here

I can’t tell you what iteration of this site we are on. I love to tinker. I’m a tinkerer. I just can’t seem to leave things as they are. I jumped all in on Jekyll. We will see how long that lasts. [Read More]
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Splunking my Commute

After Splunk’s .conf2016 I found myself spending my free time analyzing the data around me looking for something new to Splunk. This is actually something that happens with increasing regularity actually. After you realize what Splunk can do you can’t help look at the world in a new way. What I... [Read More]
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