Hi, My Name is Jeffrey

and I speak for the data

There are two things I have always loved: making sense of the world around me, and technology.

From a young age I would take apart everything just to see how it worked. Very seldom did I put it back together "correctly." RC Motors became electric erasers. Cameras became stun guns. A fair amount just became piles of parts much to the displeasure of my parents.

These days I still like deconstructing things, but it is with more of a purpose. Data has become the currency of the digital age. And I like using technology to break down the data and reassemble it into a meaningful story.

When I'm not geeking out over data I am quoting movies with my beautiful wife, playing trains with my son, laughing more than one should, reading fiction, writing the stories that come to me in the shower, singing along to Hamilton, or trying to automate the mundane parts of life.

My Projects


This was my first Splunk app, and its purpose was simply to grab the current weather stats and get the data into Splunk. Yeah, I'm that data nerd.

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Owntracks To Splunk

I decided that I was going to Splunk my commute. I am using Owntracks, mqtt, and a small python app I wrote to push it to Splunk's HEC.

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Splunk Conf File Syntax Highlighting

I ported Shakeel's package for Sublime Text to the Atom Editor. I like sublime, but right now Atom is my go to editor.

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